Making Your Pooch Fashionable with a Rhinestone Dog Collar

In the past, chic pet accessories such as the rhinestone dog collar were so hot, however some people thought they were too gaudy for animals and thus their popularity declined. However, with the renaissance of flash and bling, rhinestone dog collars are becoming a hot item once more. People are now recognizing that their pooches also deserve to be stylish in their own right.

Dog lovers treasure their pets very much, and one way of showing high regard for their pet is by giving them something that makes them stand out and look so special. Most dog owners express their pet’s individuality through their collars. There is a wide variety of dog collars to choose from each one catering to different preferences. But the most special among them all is the rhinestone dog collar, which truly makes any pooch look like a million dollars.

Rhinestone dog collars are usually made of leather, cloth, nylon, and even metal with rhinestones embedded on the leash. These tiny, sparkling stones make any color shine, complementing the dog’s eyes and coat. The materials used for rhinestone dog collars are usually very flexible, following the contour of the dog’s neck. It can be a colorful band that is similar to the dog’s owner’s tennis bracelet.

Some rhinestone dog collars can be specially designed to spell out your pet’s name in flashy gems. This is definitely a prettier alternative to the usual dog tag that just has your pet’s name engraved on a small sheet of metal.

Before, rhinestone dog collars are only worn by female pets, but with the emergence of metrosexuality, even male dogs can wear rhinestone collars without much problem. For those who still prefer their dogs to maintain a butch image, there are also rhinestone collars that come in rugged designs that complement their pooch’s macho impression. Examples of these are those black leather collars with a few big rhinestone studs that are well-spaced.

Rhinestone dog collars may come with buckle or snap-on closures. Whatever kind of rhinestone collar you choose, you must make sure that it closes securely so that it would not fall off easily. Snap-on closures are usually convenient, especially for small toy dogs. However larger dogs usually need more security which only buckled collars can provide. It is thus important to test whether the kind of lock the collar you are buying would withstand the strength and size of your pet.

When you are considering to get your pet dog a new rhinestone dog collar, it is important to make sure that the collar fits well and the gems are properly secured. You would not want Fido to be able to remove the collar easily and then chew or choke on the sharp little stones. You should check the collar regularly to see that there is no damage with the material and all the stones are in place. Always watch out if a stone falls off so that you can quickly keep it away from your dog’s reach.
An easy way of measuring the fit of your dog’s rhinestone collar would be the finger test. If you have a small dog, one finger should fit snugly between the dog’s neck and collar. For medium dogs you would need two fingers. Large dogs would need three fingers. If the rhinestone collar is too tight, it can choke your dog and kill it, but if it is too loose, it can easily fall off and get lost.

Other than these reminders, rhinestone dog collars are not really that difficult to maintain. You just need to clean the collar once in a while to maintain the brilliance of the tiny gems. You would probably just need water, with a little mild detergent to remove stubborn grime and stains. Missing pieces might not be inevitable so it is wise to keep some spare gems to replace those that would eventually fall off.

In these times when being fashionable is already considered an asset, dogs can keep up with their owners with the accessories that they wear. Perhaps the best way to glamorize your dog is to have it wear a rhinestone collar. It serves the purpose of regular collars but adds style and flair to your most beloved pet.

Dog Collars – How to Choose the Right Collar

You may know it is important that your dog or dogs have on dog collars, but do you know if you are buying the best type for your particular pets? Some collars are made better than others, and what you need for each size of dog might differ from what you are usually buying. Making sure your pets have the correct collars and leashes will mean your pet is safe, and you can rest a bit more easy when you are walking them in the neighborhood or taking them on vacation with you.

The first consideration when buying dog collars is the material from which they are made. When you have a smaller dog that might not have a lot of power, you might not have to worry about that as much. However, anyone with a mid-sized or larger dog should give strong consideration to the strength of the material from which the dog collars are made. Not only should the material be strong and durable, is should also be something that will not irritate the skin of the animal. It is always a good idea to check often for signs of irritation, red skin, or any type of odd behavior in your dog in regards to a new collar.

Another consideration when buying the right dog collars is the fit. This is often the reason why some take their pets with them when they shop. A good collar will fit just right. As I mentioned in a previous collar article, you should be able to put a few fingers between the collar and the dog, but it should not be loose enough that the animal could twist around and break free of the collar. Most collars are adjustable, and most work fine. If you happen to get one that is not right, don’t be afraid to send it back for a replacement or to take it back to the store.

If you have a large dog, focus on the strength of the dog collars you buy, as well as how secure the fastener might be. You may know your dog is a big sweetheart, but if you have a large breed, others will be concerned. Your dog may break loose and want to lick someone to death, but that person may not know your pet is docile, and may become frightened. That could alarm the dog and cause problems. If you have the proper dogs collars, this will not be something you will have to worry about while out and about.

Lastly, remember that even though some dog collars may meet all of the above specifications, they still might not be good enough for your pet. The collars you choose must have a place for identification tags. While a collar alone might indicate that a dog is a pet rather than a stray, no one will know how to notify you if you are not able to attach a lost pet recovery tag to the dog collar.

What Makes Leather Cat Collars Better Than Others

There are different types of cat collars and leashes that you can choose from and among those that are available in the market many pet owners find leather cat collars to be the best. There are different reasons why pet owners choose leather cat collars over those that are made from different materials.

Anything that is made from leather is definitely more durable than products that are made from other synthetic materials. It will be more practical to buy collars that are made from leather because you are guaranteed that it will last longer than other types of collars.

Unlike the other types of collars that are being sold, leather cat collars are available in different styles. There are various types of collars that are specially made for different types of cats. Whether you have small or big cats, you may choose the kind of leather collars that would look good on them. In addition, these collars come in different colors. Leather collars do not only come in natural shades like brown, black and white but also in bright shades like yellow, light green, orange and many others.

There are different kinds of leather collars that you can choose from. Aside from standard leather collars, you can also choose to buy center ring leather collars or D-end leather collars. This type of collar has a safety feature that allows the collar to breakaway if it gets stuck on anything. This type of collar will prevent your cats from being accidentally chocked by their own collar.

Buying cat collars and leashes is easy but choosing the best among all the other types that are being sold can be challenging. Before you purchase things for your cats in websites that sell pet supplies online or in your local pet shop, it is best to consider the quality of the product before anything else.

As compared to other types of collars, leather collars are safer to use. Since leather collars are made from high quality material, these types of collars will not cause skin irritations or allergies.

As a pet owner, you would always want what is best for your pets. Before you decide to buy accessories for your cats in local pet stores or in virtual stores that sell various pet supplies online, consider these tips to make it easier for you to decide on what you want to buy for them.